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Keep these things in mind while making cucumber pickle : Cooking Tips.

The cucumber pickle makes everyone’s mouth water because it is such a dish, which everyone eats with great gusto. The craze for pickle is known from the fact that it is served with vegetables to parathas etc. Now anyway, summer is coming, in such a situation, it cannot be possible that everyone should not make pickle of mango or cucumber. Pickles made from fresh cucumbers and sour water on hearing the name, one feels like eating.

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Some people eat cucumber pickle empty, but just think how would you feel if the pickle was not sour? Although, it is very easy to make mango pickle, but we face some difficulty in making cucumber pickle. So today we have brought some such hacks for you, with the help of which you can make perfect cucumber pickle at home.

It is very important to choose the right cucumber before making pickle because there are all kinds of cucumbers available in the market, which can be bitter in taste. That’s why it would be better if you choose small and thin cucumbers and put them in the oil only after tasting them. Keep in mind that cucumber with big seeds can spoil the taste of the pickle. (The Right Way to Pick Sweet Cucumbers)

Use less oil

When we make any pickle, it contains juice like lemon or mango, but instead of having much juice in cucumber, it has water. That’s why we use less oil, its pickle is also made dry. If we want to make spicy pickle, then special care should be taken not to use too much oil.

Fennel will be useful

The smell of fennel is very good. Adding fennel to the vegetable brings sweetness to the taste and also increases the taste. If fennel is also mixed in the ingredients used in pickle, then the taste of pickle increases even more.

Pickle also smells good. That’s why whenever you make cucumber pickle, use a little fennel as well.

Use small pieces

Often people cut cucumbers big and thick while making pickles, but we should not do this. Small and thin cucumber should always be used in pickle because it melts easily and also tastes good.

So whenever you make cucumber pickle, use small pieces and also remember the rest of the things mentioned by us.

What to do to bring sourness?

Mustard seeds are mostly used for tempering in homes. This increases the taste of the vegetable. Mustard seeds are slightly bitter in taste. It is said that there is a way to grind it. You can also put mustard seeds in pickle. However, you have to take care that the mustard seeds are not in excess, else it may lead to bitterness.

How to use?
  • First grind the mustard seeds well.
  • Then add salt and red chili powder to it.
  • Now put it in pickle.
  • After some time the pickle will turn sour.
  • If you want, you can also use sun-dried cucumber. Hope you have liked this article of ours. To read other similar articles.

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