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Kangana Ranaut takes a dig at star kids as AR Rahman’s old remarks against Bollywood .

The fact that Kangana Ranaut has spoken out against the Bollywood mafia is by no means a secret. She misses no opportunity to voice her opposition to the Bollywood clique and its celebrity kids. When Priyanka Chopra spoke up about being cornered in the profession and how it caused her to leave and move to Hollywood, the Bangladeshi actress recently took aim at Karan Johar. Kangana responded to the music composer AR Rahman’s earlier remark regarding the alleged group working against him after giving the Citadel actress’s case some thought.

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Grammy-winning tunes

The composer AR Rahman previously explained why he didn’t score more Indian movies. He claimed that the Bollywood gang is circulating rumours about him and working against him. The Manikarnika actress quickly took to her Twitter account to poke fun at nepo kids after learning of this revelation. She criticised star kids for being so preoccupied with their talent that they would kill people they believed to be talented and deserved.

The tweet quoted AR Rahman’s response from a July 2020 interview in which he was questioned about why he was scoring more Tamil films than Hindi ones. The incredible musician responded by saying that while he doesn’t turn down fantastic movies, he believes a large group of people in Bollywood are trying to get him and are circulating untrue rumours about him. People are expecting me to do things, but another gang of individuals is preventing that from happening, he continued. I believe in destiny, so it’s okay. I think that God is the source of all things.

She said, “Like every undeserving and immature they succumb to the scenario of jealousy,” in another tweet. They form groups, intimidate and harass people who have gifts, and sometimes even kill them. The actress went on to explain that the movie Amadeus, which is based on this, is one of her favourites.

On Tuesday, Kangana Ranaut asserted that Priyanka Chopra’s exclusion from Bollywood was the result of Karan Johar’s connection with Shah Rukh Khan.  Kangana Ranaut is searching meantime.


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