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Jeweller breaks sparkling record with 24,679 diamonds in one ring.

In March, H.K. Designs and Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd (India) in Mumbai showcased a ring with 50,907 diamonds studded in it. With exquisite craft and stunning design, it set a new Guinness World Record. Made out of recycled materials, the top of the ring featured a butterfly in three shades of gold – golden, white and rose. The base was a flower. Recycled gold was used as a base, and diamonds were repurposed to make this piece of craft stand out.

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The top of the ring, which was made of recycled materials, had butterfly in three different shades of gold: golden, white, and rose. flower served as the base.

H.K. Designs estimates that the ring weighs about 460.55 gms. The design took almost nine months to complete. Given that there must be more than 50,000 diamonds placed in symmetry, the ideation process took longer. It took about four months for computer-aided design (CAD) to produce a design that could deliver satisfactory results.

The shank, four layers of petals, the butterfly, and two diamond discs make up the design’s eight components. The Guinness World Records cited Hasu Dholakiya, the managing director of H.K. Designs, as saying, “It was our dream to create a rare piece of art that is in a class by itself, which I believe we have achieved by creating this ring.”

Here are four other records in jewellery that will leave you stunned

Watch With 17,524 Diamonds

Renani Jewels in Meerut created a watch that contained 17,524 diamonds, of which 17,512 were white diamonds and 12 were black diamonds, setting a Guinness World Record on December 9, 2022.

Following approval of the hand-drawn sketch, a 3-D model was produced using CAD and printed. The name of the accessory, Srinkia, is Greek for “the watch of good fortune.” It is about 373.03 grammes in weight and contains 113 genuine blue sapphires.

“We and the entire team have work really hard for months and this watch was create with such a passion and greatness,” said Harshit Bansal, CEO and Founder of Renani Jewels. In life, one should constantly look for fresh challenges. I’m eager to combine new technologies with conventional jewelry-making techniques. I

Ring With 24,697 Diamonds

By creating a ring that contained 24,697 diamonds, SWA Diamonds set a new Guinness World Record in May 2022. On the pink oyster mushroom, the design was based.

According to Abdul Gafur Anadiyan, Managing Director at SWA Diamonds, the mushroom stood for longevity and immortality. The piece was created by the jewellery company Ami, which in Sanskrit means immortality.

Ring With 12,638 Diamonds

Another Guinness World Record belongs to Meerut’s Renani Jewels. They fashioned ‘The Ring of Prosperity’ after a marigold in November 2020. 12,638 natural diamonds weighing 38.08 carats totaled the jewellery.

Each petal in the ring is distinctive, and the ring weighs about 165g. There are eight layers in the jewellery item. Bansal then aimed to surpass a 2018 record. “My goal was always more than 10,000 diamonds,” he declared. Over the years, I rejected a lot of designs and ideas before settling on this.

Ring With 7,801 Diamonds

Kotti Srikanth set new Guinness World Record in October 2020 by creating stunning ring set with 7,801 diamonds. Its design process began with pencil and paper in September 2018. The design was optimised by using flower’s shape to honour Indian culture. “In India, it is customary to honour the gods with floral garlands and to present specific flowers as gifts. According to Srikanth, the flowers represent the essence of purity.


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