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Jennifer Aniston on wearing Manish Malhotra’s dress in ‘Murder Mystery 2’: It was beautiful

Jennifer Aniston was spotted wearing a lehenga by Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra in her upcoming movie Murder Mystery 2. The Hollywood star, who has a huge fan base in India thanks to her hit sitcom Friends from the 1990s, had a great time eating Indian food and loved the ethnic attire. Jennifer wore an ivory-coloured chikankari lehenga designed by Bollywood’s celebrated designer Manish Malhotra for a wedding sequence in her Netflix movie Murder Mystery 2.

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Debra Mcguire

A well-known Hollywood costume designer, revealed that it took more than three months to make the bulky outfit for the actor. Anisto who is 54 years old describe the dress as a beautiful attire. In an interview with PTI, the Friends actor said “It was a beautiful, beautiful dress.” She received praise from Aniston’s co-star Adam Sandler, who was also present and said she looked stunning.

Jennifer Aniston further showed respect to all Indian women who not just wear heavy traditional lehengas but also dance wearing them. She said, “It was extremely heavy and I wasn’t expecting that. So much respect for all the beautiful women of India who have to not only wear it, but dance their b**** off. We had a really good time.”

The actor mentioned that they shot the wedding scene for three days in Hawaii. Aniston and Sandler who are excellent friends in real life were spotted completing each other’s sentences in the virtual round table interview. As Aniston said “We had five days to shoot that scene,” Sandler added, “And dance and eat Indian food.” She continued, “Food and be happy. But remember how long it took? We also shot it in Hawaii for three days.” Sandler once again praised his co-star, “It was hot. You looked fantastic.”

Murder Mystery 2 is a sequel to the 2019 film Murder Mystery featuring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler as Nick and Audrey. The second part of the movie follows the story of the couple engaged in a new puzzle. Murder Mystery will stream on Netflix from 31st March 2023.


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