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Japan Divorce Temple: No gods and goddesses, this country has a unique divorce temple, special connection with women

Temples in Japan: There are temples of different gods and goddesses in the world. Somewhere you will find an idol of a goddess and somewhere of a god. This 600-year-old temple is known as Tekoji Temple. This is a unique divorce temple. Here are the women who are upset with their husbands. You may feel a little strange reading this, but it is true.

This temple was establish in the name of Matsugoka Tokei-ji. This temple is located in Kanagawa Prefecture of Kamakura City of Japan. It has been home to many women who have suffered domestic violence. This Buddhist temple dates back to the time when women had no rights. At that time there was no provision for divorce in Japan.

Why did women come to this temple?

In the year 1285, Buddhist nun Kakusan Shido-ni established this temple. Over time, this temple became famous as a safe place and institution. Women started feeling that they could get security here. Apart from this, if he is in a suffocating relationship, then he could also get freedom from it.

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After some time, women officially started getting divorce certificates from Tekoji temple. It is known as Sufuku-ji. With this certificate, women got legal freedom from marriage.

The temple is very beautiful.

The preserve architecture of this temple is highly appreciate. From inside, this temple is surround by very beautiful gardens. But people also call this temple as Kakekomi Dera, the place to break ties and the temple of fugitive women or divorce temple.


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