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Is you Should not eat bread made from wheat on the diet?

Roti, chapati or phulka, food cannot be complete without it in Indian households. Bread is an important part of our Indian plate. Bread made from wheat is eaten the most, but many other breads made in flour are preferred. Many flour breads like millet, maize, barley, jowar and ragi are made in homes. Some cereal breads are considered very healthy for weight loss. The nutrients present in these grains are considered good for weight loss. Many people have given up on wheat flour in today’s time, believing that wheat flour bread is not good during the diet. But should you really not eat bread made from wheat on the diet? Does bread made from wheat flour increase weight? If these are your questions too, then in this article you will get answers to these questions.

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Dietitian Radhika Goyal has given information on her Instagram account about what are the benefits of bread made from wheat flour and who should not eat it.

During the diet, you can eat wheat flour bread occasionally, but it is very important to take care of its quantity. Multigrain flour bread is healthier than wheat. For multi-grain flour, jowar, bajra, ragi or any millet flour can be added to wheat. This makes the dough even more nutritious. Bread made from multigrain flour helps in digestion, increases metabolism, boosts immunity and also helps in losing weight,

These people should not eat Roti.

  • If you are overweight or have any lifestyle problems, then you should avoid wheat flour.
  • People who have problems related to digestion such as bloating, gas formation, indigestion, should also not include wheat flour in their diet because wheat flour is heavy to digest.
  • Wheat has a high glycemic index and its flavor is also somewhat sweet. So if you have sugar, do not eat breads made from wheat flour.
  • Wheat also increases phlegm. Do not eat wheat flour bread if you have fever, cough, cold or flu.

They should eat bread made from wheat flour.

  • If your bile is enlarged or you have a problem of stomach irritation, then you can include wheat flour breads in your diet.
  • Wheat flour helps to clean the stomach properly.
  • Wheat flour breads is also considered good for weight gain and muscle strength.
  • Wheat flour breads nourishes the body, it is just important that you are able to digest it properly.

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