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International English Day 2023: Know What These Indian Food Are Called In English

Every year on April 23, International English Day is observed to celebrate cultural diversity and multilingualism. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has designated the day as a chance to recognise the significance of English as a language for communication on a global scale.

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With more than 22 official languages and a large number of dialects, India is one of the most linguistically diverse nations in the world. However, English is widely spoken and understood across the nation, making it a crucial part of the social and economic fabric of the nation.

Let’s go on a culinary tour of India and discover the English names of some of the most well-known Indian snacks and sweets to celebrate International English Day. Also read


In India, samosas are a well-liked snack that are usually stuffed with spiced potatoes, peas, and onions. They are frequently served with chutney after being deep-fried until crisp. ‘Samosas’ is the name for them in English.


Jalebis are a sweet and gooey dessert made by forming a batter made of wheat flour into pretzel-like shapes and deep-frying them. One of the most popular Indian snacks is described by the Oxford Dictionary as. “A triangular savoury pastry fried in ghee or oil, containing spiced vegetables or meat.” According to reports, it is also known as “Rissole” or “savoury stuffed pastry.”


In order to make pakoras, vegetables like potatoes or onions are dipped in a spiced gramme flour batter and deep-fried until golden brown. These are referred to as “fritters” in English.

Gulab Jamun

A common dessert called gulab jamun is made by deep-frying a dough made of milk solids into small balls. Which are then soaked in a sugar syrup with cardamom and rose water flavouring. ‘Rose-flavored doughnuts’ is how they are known in English.


Indians frequently eat papad papas as a side dish with their meals. Typically with dal and rice or occasionally with salad. It is made from various flours, comes in a variety of flavours, and can be roasted or deep-fried. It is reportedly known as a “poppadom” in English.


One of the most popular staple foods in India is roti roti. It is made from a wheat flour dough that is rolled out flat into a circle and cooked on a tawa until it puffs up. It is allegedly called “puffed bread” in English.


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