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Indian Railways: If you also want to know about the new rules of IRCTC, then you must read this article

In addition to in India, Indian Railways is renowned for its hospitality throughout the world. The railway is a kind of transportation that practically everyone utilises to travel between cities and states. Train travel is simple, affordable, and secure. Indian Railways is hence also referred to as the nation’s lifeline.

Nonetheless, many people are not familiar with a number of Indian Railways regulations. The rule is occasionally changed by Indian Railways for the benefit of customers.

Talk on the phone no later than late at night.

Indeed, it is common to observe plenty of individuals conversing on the phone into the wee hours of the morning. Frequently, when others refuse, that individual also becomes enraged and begins using abusive language.

But just so you’re aware, it’s against IRCTC policy to chat on the phone after midnight if other people are offended, and you could be fined as a result. You can also be removed from the train if something irritates you too much.

Play music on a mobile device

It is common knowledge that many individuals enjoy listening to music while driving, but if you keep playing music past your bedtime, you risk receiving a punishment. Indeed, you can receive a fine from the IRCTC if you sing along to tunes loudly while not wearing headphones. Such a mistake should be prevented in this circumstance if you listen to songs in multiple voices at night.

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Wait till after dark before turning on the lights.

It can be difficult for you to keep the train lights on till late at night. Many people leave their lights on at night for their own convenience. If you commit such a mistake in this circumstance, you risk being fined and/or going to jail. I just wanted to let you know that after 10 o’clock, the lights must be turned off.

Regulations for middle birth

A middle berth on the train is not available for use for 24 hours. Middle berths are only permitted to be used for sleeping at night, per railroad regulations.

According to the rule, it is possible to restrict someone from using the middle berth to sleep before 10 p.m. If that person doesn’t, IRCTC can let them know. In addition, the berth must be lowered once morning rush hour has passed.


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