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Indian Ice Apple: Learn interesting facts related to it today

Have you ever heard of the Ice Apple before? It is a fruit that is well liked in summer. It is also eaten as different recipes to keep the body cool. Its texture is similar to litchi and because it is white and square shape, it is also called ice apple.

Ice apple sugar grows on palm trees. Its sweet taste and cooling effects are beneficial for the body. They are rich in calcium and phytonutrients as well as fiber, protein, vitamins C, A, E, K, B7 and iron. This fruit grows well in the arid and tropical regions of central and southern India. Found in states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Goa and Kerala.

Name changes with region

It is Hindi called Todgola. Nungu in Tamil, Taal in Bengali and Tati Ningu in Kannada. Apart from this, it happens to be Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, some areas of Africa and even Hawaii and Florida.

Taste of tadgola

The texture of tadgola is similar to litchi and it also has more water content. The inside of the fruit has a gelatin-like flash. Its taste is also very sweet and starts dissolving in the mouth. The inside of this flash contains fresh and sweet juices similar to coconut water.

It is also used in cooking.

Interestingly, this fruit is also used in cooking in Indian regions. In Bengal, dumplings are made from this fruit. Its special payasam is prepared in Tamil Nadu. Similarly, ice creams and many desserts are prepared from it.

Maintains the balance of the body

This fruit contains sufficient amounts of salt and potassium minerals, which aid in the electrolyte and fluid balance of the body. Due to this, an ice apple is the best fruit to eat in summer because it helps to avoid dehydration and exhaustion.

Tadgola’s wine

Chopped fruit can oxidize quickly, so it is eaten immediately. It is sensitive to the disease, and the taste of the fruit begins to change immediately. Interestingly, this fruit spoils within 3 hours of harvesting and its fermentation is quick, so the people of the village prefer it as an easy and cheap source of making wine.

Not only fruits, but leaves also work.

This fruit is used in many ways in daily life. Its fan-like leaves are used to make mats, baskets and fans. Its floral branch contains a lot of juice, which is collected and made palm molasses.

More than this fruit, people are familiar with the wine made from it. What is the name of this fruit in your area, please tell us by commenting in the comment box of our article. We hope you will like this article. Don’t forget to like and share it and keep reading for other information about similar fruits.


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