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Indian 2: Kamal Haasan to shoot in South Africa for the film’s next schedule.

The first film Shankar and Kamal Haasan made together, Indian, altered the trajectory of Indian cinema and laid the way for the now-famous “The Pan India” movement.. After 27 years, the team is preparing to release Indian 2, the sequel, for viewers. Shankar will wrap up filming this epic vigilante thriller in just 35 days. The film has been shooting for the past three years in a variety of locations.

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Shankar taking things to next level with Indian 2

“Indian 2 began in 2018, although there were a number of production-related delays after that. The movie is now back on track thanks to Shankar, who is working nonstop to make sure the sequel lives up to the first part’s legendary history. In fact, the filmmaker has chosen to reshoot a few of the scenes from 2018 and 2019 and elevate them all. Nothing in  appears antiquated on screen since Shankar movies are always technologically advanced. In fact, it’s larger than what everyone anticipated, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The production of ‘Indian 2’ started in 2018, although there were a lot of production-related delays following that. Shankar, who is working hard to ensure the sequel lives up to the original part’s illustrious history. He has helped the project get back on track. In fact, the director decided to improve each scene by reshooting a handful from 2018 and 2019.  According to a source acquainted with the matter, it’s far more than everyone expected.

Indian 2 targetting a late 2023 release

The completion of Indian 2 and its distribution in theatres across India by the end of this year are both scheduled for May 2023. All language versions of the film from the pioneering Pan India duet of Indian cinema will be available. The sequel element and Shankar’s recent comeback to producing a political drama are two reasons for the extremely high expectations. Shankar has previously produced political drama movies like Nayakan, Anniyan, Indian, and Sivaji, to name a few.

Moreover, RC 15—a film he co-wrote with Ram Charan—will be released on the Sankranthi weekend in 2023. RC 15 and Indian 2 are both now in production, and both movies are being hailed as major breakthroughs for their respective performers.


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