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If you drink red wine like this, you will get amazing benefits

Although alcohol is considered bad for health, red wine made from black grapes is considered good for health. This happens when it is consumed as a medicine. Red wine contains iron, magnesium and vitamin-C. Also, it contains antioxidants such as resveratrol and polyphenols. It protects against free radicals, increases immunity and relieves stress. Today we are telling you about the benefits of red wine. This information has been shared by dietitian Simran Saini.

“Red wine is considered a relaxing drink, which is loved by people of all ages. Drinking it in proper amounts can provide a variety of health benefits. First of all, we need to understand that red wine is an alcoholic drink, which is made by formatting black grapes.

Makes the skin glow

Anti-oxidants are good for the body and red wine is the best source. Grapes used in red wine contain anti-oxidants such as resveratrol, catechins and pro anthocyanins. These can reduce the symptoms of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Apart from this, the body also needs anti-oxidants to protect cells from free radicals.

Controls hormones

Wine helps control hormones like estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and thyroid.

  • Wine increases the estrogen hormone, which affects periods and weight.
  • Wine reduces progesterone. This affects fertility.
  • Wine increases the level of prolactin, which makes periods regular. Also, dryness in the vagina┬áis removed and the problem of hot flashes is relieved.
  • Thyroid disturbances slow down metabolism and lead to depression and fatigue. Wine controls the thyroid. dryness in the vagina
Reduces bad cholesterol

Drinking red wine can reduce bad cholesterol in the system. The anti-oxidant present in it can reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol or bad cholesterol. In addition, the polyphenols present in it improve heart health.

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In addition, drinking it protects the blood vessel lining in the heart and helps to increase HDL or good cholesterol.

Blood sugar is controlled

It is made from black grapes contains resveratrol. This natural element helps in controlling blood sugar. When taken with a healthy diet and regular exercise, it controls blood sugar levels in women with type-2 diabetes.


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