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If you also travel by train, then you must know these 5 rules

Millions of people travel by train every day. Traveling by rail is much easier and convenient than any other transport. Indian Railways takes special care of the convenience of every passenger during the journey. Indian Railways has made some rules to ensure that no passenger faces any problem in rail travel, which most people do not know about.
For example, if a person is unable to catch a train from his boarding point, then he can catch the train for the next two stops. On the other hand, if a person has difficulty in completing the long journey of the train, then he can travel his journey in pieces. The rules are very interesting and so is the work. So let’s know about these rules of Indian Railways.

If you want to travel beyond the destination
Usually we all get off to our destination. But if you ever want to go beyond the destination, or forget to get off at the stop, then you can easily travel further. For this, you have to talk to the ticket collector. He’ll make a further ticket. However, you may have to change your coach.

Two station boarding rules will not cause harm
If a passenger misses a train, he can catch it for the next two stations. According to railway rules, a reserved train ticket cannot be given to anyone by the TTE for the next two stations. However, when the train passes through two stations, the TTE RAC can allot a seat to a passenger with PNR status.

N Route Break Journey Rule
You may not know, but you can take a one-route journey break in the middle while traveling 500 km. However, the first journey break will not be available until the distance of 500 km from the starting station has been covered. While two journey breaks are allowed for journeys of more than 1000 km. That is to say, if you are travelling long distances, you can take a break of up to two days except for the date of boarding and disembarking on the train. Explain that this rule does not apply in premium trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Jan Shatabdi Express.

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Tickets are waiting, even if you can travel
Do you know that you are entitled to travel with a waiting list? All you have to do is buy the ticket from the PRS counter. Explain that a passenger with an e-ticket is not allowed to board the train with a waiting list.

Know about circular ticket journey rules

This rule of railways is very beneficial to make your travel flexible. Suppose you travel to a famous site for tourism, then you can get a circular journey ticket. It can be issued for any category. You can get a circular journey ticket by telling the zonal railway about your travel program.


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