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If mosquitoes are coming more in the house, then first check your soap, the scientist said.

As soon as the summer season arrives, mosquitoes attacks have started in the houses. People take various measures to drive them away. Someone burns a quail, someone burns a cented incense stick. If someone smokes, he sits down with cream. But despite this, if the number of mosquitoes in your house is not decreasing, then check your soap once. Researchers from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University found in a study that some soaps act as magnets for mosquitos. Mosquito start getting attracted rapidly as soon as they smell their smell and start hovering around the house.

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According to the report published in the journal iScience, five types of things attract mosquitoes the most. These include four brands of soap used in the US and a particular species of mosquito. Research has found that soaps with fruit smell and lemon smell attract mosquitoes more. This is because applying the fragrance of flowers on the body makes it difficult for mosquitoes to differentiate between humans and plants. They understand the plant and are attracted like magnets.

What the scientists found the main reason

why the researchers kept the volunteers in their research with many types of soap. Then analyzed the situation of mosquitoes coming near them. It was found that people who had planted soaps with flowers or lemon fragrance had a high number of mosquitoes around them. However, this was not the case with all soaps. This was with some soaps being used in the US. Some of these soaps are also used in India. According to scientists, mosquitoes are attracted to the fragrance of flowers because when they do not get blood to suck, they suck the juice of the flowers. That’s why they like that fragrance.

The study found that coconut cents can drive away mosquito. “The smell of soap alters the mosquito scent profile,” said study author Clement Winagar. Mosquitoes do not like the aroma of coconut and vanilla, so they do not come close. If you bathe with them, according to research, mosquitoes will not explode even close to you. According to the report of The Guardian, scientists believe that coconut oil is like a natural detergent. So if you want to get rid of mosquitoes, apply coconut oil on the body. Coconut soap can also be used. You can also use aroma oil i.e. fragrance oil.


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