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How to make street-style almond shake in summer, must try recipe

Street Style Almond Shake Recipe: Almonds are very beneficial for health. In such a situation, you can prepare a tasty almond shake with its help. Here’s a look at the street style recipe for making it.
Cold-cold drinks look quite good in the summer season. Cold and healthy drinks are very refreshing. Almonds are a good source of calcium and other essential nutrition. It strengthens the bones. Apart from this, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, protein, copper, fiber and zinc. If you also want to drink cold-cold, then you can make almond shake. This recipe is of street style shake.
Almond milk is a superb alternative to buffalo or cow milk, and gives an amazing taste to any dish or drink. This is a super-healthy drink recipe which is prepared using the goodness of almonds, almond milk and cardamom. This beverage recipe will provide you energy boost in the morning while keeping you full for a long duration. Try this easy milkshake recipe!
To make almond shake, you need-
Custart Powder
Dry Fruits
How to make shake
To make it, first soak almonds and cardamom. Then the next morning put the milk to boil well. Then take some milk in a small bowl and add custard powder to it. Now add this custard powder mixture to the boiling milk. Add sugar to this milk as well. Then peel the soaked almonds and grind it by mixing cardamom and a little milk. Add this paste to boiling milk. Now let the milk thicken and then add chopped almonds to it. Let this milk cool down and then pour it into the glass, garnish the almonds and serve.

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