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How much alcohol can be carried in the train, how much will be the punishment for breaking the law?

How much alcohol can we carry in train: Indian Railways is called the lifeline of the country. Almost every Indian likes to travel by train, but do you know that we have to follow many rules while traveling in the train. If you do not do this, Indian Railways can impose a fine on the passengers. Do you know that if you are found smoking in the train or found in an inebriated condition. There can be a fine or punishment. Apart from this, there are some rules on carrying alcohol in the train.

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Carrying alcohol in the train depends on which state you are traveling in, because in the Constitution. All the states have been given the freedom to make their own rules regarding alcohol. There are many states in the country, where the state governments have prohibited not only the consumption of alcohol. But all kinds of activities related to it. Therefore, liquor cannot be transported to these states by train, metro, bus or other transport facilities in any way.

News18 spoke to Northern Railway’s Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) Deepak Kumar, who said that carrying liquor is strictly prohibited in the train. That is, you can not travel in the train with alcohol. If you are found doing so, action can be taken against you under Section 1989 of the Railways Act 165.

Under the above Act,

if a person is caught carrying prohibited items in the train, a fine of up to Rs 500 can be imposed. Apart from this, if there is any kind of damage or accident due to the prohibited material brought by the person. Then its expenses will also be borne by the guilty person.

In many states, if you travel with alcohol in the train and suppose you somehow escape during checking in the train. You can still get into trouble in many states. These states are called dry states where there is a complete ban on alcohol. For example, Bihar and Gujarat are two states where if you are caught with alcohol at the station. You can get caught in a legal trap.

If the liquor bottle is found open, the RPF can impose a fine on the person for disturbing the peace and order. Apart from this, if the train is going from one state to another. Then it can also be a case of tax evasion in relation to alcohol. In such a situation, the culprit will be handed over to the GRP and after that the excise department of that state will take action as per rules.


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