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‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 9:-here’s all secrets you wants know

Ninth episode of House of the Dragon which is called ‘The Green Council’, is among the show’s best released yet. Allowence of Queen Alicent Hightower to shine like never before was the clever one, and now it has built anticipation for next week’s finale which is going to be a big one .

One scene stuck out, not necessarily good any of the way.It’s about Larys Strong, who was revealed to have a nasty foot fetish in discomforting fashion . Not necessarily nasty like people who like feet are weird nasty, But coercive nasty. You must have watched episode 9 of House Of The Dragon. You must be wondering what the hell you watched. Unfortunately, what you thought it was.

Here’s letting you know what did Larys do in episode 9? Larys is actually Queen Alicent’s unofficial master of whisperers. For the House of the Dragon’s first season, he’s kept her abreast of happenings, opportunities and liabilities. He did that in episode 9, making Alicent aware of the ring of spies that “White Worm” Mysaria has inside the Red Keep. But the information comes at a price.

While Alicent speaks with Larys, she takes her shoes off and places her feet on the table between them. Larys reveals the existence of the spies and tells that Alicent’s father, Otto Hightower, is well aware of them. He has got more information on it, but he stops himself from spilling it out.To get it out of him, Alicent peels her stockings off and layed her bare feet on the table.

Then Larys explains that Alicent’s servant is one of the spies . He then indicates that he could take out the spymaster if the queen wishes so. Alicent seems aware of what this means.She then sighs, puts her feet up on a nearby chair and looks away from Larys. Larys sneaks his hand down into his pants and starts masturbating watching queen’s nude feet.Alicent’s takes her stockings off and then finally place her feet in full view and turns away.
Later , when Erryk escorts Rhaenys out of the Red Keep, a servant has been hanged, and Mysaria’s headquarters has been lit aflame.It looks an awful lot like Larys’ handiwork.


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