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Horror Evil West: All new Vampire Horror Evil West out now , even battle passes to upgrade!

You might remember the concept of “The Weekend Game,” as for sittings between Friday and Sunday. And that was it. Western-horror hybrid Evil West, feels like a weekend game. In a world filled with ongoing updates, complex endgames, long battle passes, and endless loot. It’s been nice playing something linear, simple, and fun.

Evil West is developed by Flying Wild Hog. It is a third-person action-adventure game set in an alt-history version of the classic Wild West era of America. This version even battle passes to upgrade a lot more vampires, steampunk-like machinery and magic. Evil West stars Jesse Reitner, who looks a lot like Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption II.

Jesse as a part of the high-tech and secretive Reitner Institute

Jesse was a part of the high-tech and secretive Reitner Institute. He fights off evil monsters, vampires, and other creatures of the night to help keep the country safe.It’s hard-to-kill army of undead bloodsuckers,when a new type of vampire arrives and begins creating a massive. Jesse and his friends can stop them and save the day.

Evil West’s narrative has a lot in common with the best B-movies and pulp stories from the past. Characters act more like people pretending to be people. Dialogues are filled with swear words and exposition. All of it is cheesy and silly perfectly Combined with the steampunk gadgets, monsters, and violencem It really does play out like a grindhouse flick in the 90s on TNT.

Key strength in Evil West’s favor

It’s a good action game, mixing fast-paced melee combat with precision gunplay where you combo everything together. At the beginning, game really focuses on teaching you each new element. And then it slowly builds you into a vampire-killing machine. You’ll be juggling a few different weapons and devices during some of the tougher combat encounters. also read:-Bruce Lee died from drinking excessive water? Is overhydration harmful?

It might be surprising that the star of the show isn’t a revolver or rifle, for a western-themed game. Though they are both are good and useful . Instead, it’s the silly-looking gauntlet Jessie wears. You can use it to electrically yank over enemies and can stun them. You can send them flying into other monsters or off cliffs, and more.

According to you upgrade Jesse you gain access to more electrical attacks and counters. This made becoming a one-man, lightning-spewing, vampire-killing army in a trenchcoat. It doesn’t make much sense how this gauntlet can do so much. It fits perfectly in this B-movie world. Evil West is just a (Hank Hill voice) simple, honest-to-god, linear and fun, goddamn video game. There’s no battle pass or microtransactions, no crafting and no loot to collect, upgrade or trade.


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