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Homeopathy medicine induced liver damage and lead to death.

Homoeopathy, a form of medical care, has come under fire for being a “ineffective placebo,” as the allopathy medical community refers to it. However, homoeopathy was also regarded as a safe form of medicine, if not the most and swiftest.

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A recent study, however, disproved this hypothesis and demonstrated that homoeopathy medical treatment can seriously harm the liver. The study, “A series of homoeopathic remedies-related severe drug-induced liver injury from South India. ┬áStudy has sparked discussion at a time when the Narendra Modi-led government at the Center is attempting to promote ayush and homoeopathy as the emerging alternative to allopathy medicine.

The study was based on a review of 456 patients’ medical records who received treatment for liver-related conditions between January 2019 and February 2022. Nine patients were found to have liver damage, though 447 patients were excluded from the study due to it.

Homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy is a “treatment” that is based on the use of highly diluted substances, according to the National Health Service of the United Kingdom. Its proponents assert that this method can help the body heal itself.

For long-term immunity against COVID-19, more people recently have shifted to homoeopathy treatments.

What did the research find?

The experts’ research revealed startling findings, which include

-All the surveyed patients had developed jaundice

-In the 15 homoeopathic remedies that were analysed, 156 unique compounds were identified. This includes heavy metals, industrial solvents, alcohols (including ethanol and traces of methanol), steroids, sedatives, and antibiotics

-Liver histopathology of six patients (study of cells through biopsy) showed liver necrosis (death of tissues)

Homeopathy causes liver damage leading to death

If the patient already had a liver anomaly, this could even be fatal.

The researchers came to the conclusion that homoeopathic remedies could result in acute chronic liver failure and acute hepatitis.

Mother tinctures, insufficient dilution, subpar manufacturing techniques, adulteration, contamination, the presence of directly hepatotoxic herbs and alcohol, and other factors were all blamed by the researchers for the fatal aspect of homoeopathic treatment.


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