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Hill Station in India For a Perfect Holiday: leave crowded tourist place and go to this place.

If you want to leave a crowded tourist place like Shimla or Mussoorie and go to a hill station where you can spend two moments of relaxation, then there can be nothing better than places like Jibhi and Bahu. Jibhi and Bahu are not very famous, but whoever comes here, they make them one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India. Both of them fall in the Tirthan Valley of Himachal Pradesh.

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Jibhi is located about 500 km from the country’s capital Delhi station. Its distance from Shimla is about 150 kilometers. Even in the summer days, the weather of Jibhi and Bahu is station pleasant. Here in the summer days, the maximum temperature of the afternoon does not go above 24 to 25 degrees Celsius. The night temperature is around 14 degrees Celsius.

First of all, you can go to Jibhi Waterfall when you reach Jibhi. It is located just a 15-minute walk from the main market of Jibhi. From a distance you will hear the sound of waterfalls. As you get closer, this voice will get louder. All your fatigue will go away when you get here. There are many other things in the tongue that you can see.

Balo Nag Temple

is about 10 kilometers from Jibhi in Bahu. From here onwards there is a motorway to Balo Nag Temple. It is raw as well as rocky. The distance is about two kilometers, but there is no way worth the car. This two-kilometer entire route passes through the pine forest. You can go through it on foot. There are some ups and downs, but there is no fatigue due to pine natural forests.

After two kilometers, you finally reach an open field of grass located in the middle of the pine forest. And in this ground there is an ancient temple made of wood – Balo Nag Temple. There are two inns next to it, which are used during fairs. And from there, the peaks of the Maha-Himalayas are seen peeping through the tall pine trees. No one will be left spellbound by seeing these peaks. It is 2300 meters above sea level and these peaks are visible right in front. Jibhi and Ghiyagi are located in the valley below and there is no snowy peak from there.

In clear weather, dhauladhar and Pir Panjal can also be seen from here towards Kullu. On the left is a river, which forms the border of Kullu and Mandi districts. Kullu district is on this side of the river and Mandi district on that side. On that side of the river i.e. in Mandi district, there is a 3,100 meter high peak of Shati Dhar. Next to the peak is a road that connects Gadagusaini directly to Janjehli.


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