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High On Life (video game) Preview

In the midst of all the cosmic silliness, I have a tender moment late in High on Life. Two lovers (a star-crossed alien and human couple) are on the verge of a breakup. Unable to comprehend their complicated feelings for one another. A heated argument ends with a sweet realisation that, despite the universe’s overwhelming absurdity, the two do love one another. The alien then turns to me and insists that the moment is genuine. A jab at a lesser game that might be tempted to undercut that emotional beat. also read:Golden Globe: The Biggest Snubs And Surprises
Interdimensional gaming
Justin Roiland, the creator of Rick and Morty, created High on Life, a first-person shooter. If you don’t like Roiland’s sense of humour. You’ll be able to sit through more than 10 hours of it. The comedy is similar to Ricky and Morty in that it’s loaded with sci-fi absurdity and adult humour that gleefully swirls down the proverbial potty hand in hand. If you like that type of music, you’re in for a treat. If you don’t, you should turn off the “banter” toggle.
Rick and Metroid
Though its humour is bound to divide opinion, the gameplay is far more enjoyable. High on Life is a first-person adventure game with a platforming emphasis that borrows heavily from Metroid Prime. That aspect of it is fantastic, as players gradually unlock new tools that gradually open up the world until every inch of it is easily explorable. It begins with a grappling hook (attached to a bloodthirsty knife) for crossing gaps and avoiding poison floors, but progresses to satisfying traversal tools like jetpacks. Platforming is quick and smooth, providing plenty of opportunities for players to chain their abilities together to make big moves.
Meeseeks and destroy
The most surprising aspect of High on Life is how well it functions as a first-person shooter. Its combat appears to be thin at first. Kenny can pepper enemies with handgun shots and launch enemies into the air with his “globshot” (a term you’ll get tired of hearing quickly). However, the game’s four guns gradually add complexity to the point where battles become a fast-paced gloop war.

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