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Hero HF Deluxe 135: Hero Motorcop is moving towards a new segment

After strengthening its hold in the 100cc bike segment, Hero Motorcop is moving towards a new segment. In a recently released report, it was revealed that as soon as the company launches its Passion 100, a new series will be announced along with it. In this series, the 100cc engine will be moved to the 135cc engine, that is, soon the bike with 135 cc engine will be seen and it is possible that it will be launched under the name Hero HF Deluxe 135.

This bike coming with a new engine will obviously have new features and the price can also increase.

According to the information, a digital instrument console is being provided in HF Deluxe 135. It may have the facility of digital odometer, digital clock, mobile connectivity, digital tripmeter, navigation and location tracker.

Like the rest of the Hero vehicles, the Deluxe can also have the ability to give strong mileage, which has always been everyone’s first choice in terms of mileage. According to the claim, HF Deluxe 135 can bring the ability to give mileage of 70 kmpl. The 15-litre fuel tank found in the bike can cover a distance of more than 1,000 km once full.

As the engine of the bike is being changed, its safety level is also set to increase.

The previous model of HF Deluxe gets drum brakes. While the new model can be given disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear. This is obviously going to increase safety manifold. According to other things that have been revealed about the HF Deluxe 135. The design of the bike is being prepared in a new way. According to sources, it is also being designed on a sports body like TVS Raider.

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Its arrival can challenge companies like Honda, TVS and Bajaj in the Indian bike market. Although the success of HF Deluxe 135 will depend on how its performance is. It will be liked in the market only if the performance is better.


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