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Here Are The Best Bengali Vegetarian Recipes For You.

Bengali cuisine is famous for its wide variety of delectable vegetarian dishes, despite the fact that when people hear Bengali food, they typically think of various fish dishes or fish recipes. West Bengal’s cuisine is influenced by the region’s rich culture and history, as well as by a number of recipes that were brought from East Bengal during the time of partition.

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Bengali cuisine frequently uses spices and herbs, and dishes are frequently flavoured with ghee and mustard oil. Beyond Bengali cuisine’s traditional vegetarian dishes, shukto and aloo posto (potatoes with poppy seed paste), we’ll examine three delectable vegetarian dishes from Bengal in this article.

Cholar Dal

Traditional Bengali food known as cholor dal is prepared with split chickpeas, coconut, and spices. This dish is a staple in Bengali households and is frequently served during special occasions and festivals. The chickpeas are soaked the night before and cooked with spices, coconut, and tomatoes to make cholor dal. Next, mustard oil, cumin seeds, and bay leaves are used to season the dish. Cholar Dal is a delicious and healthy vegetarian option. Thanks to the nutty flavour of the chickpeas and the sweetness of the coconut.

Dalna Dhokar

A traditional Bengali dish called Dhokar Dalna is made of lentil cakes that are cooked in a hearty tomato and onion gravy. The split Bengal gramme (chana dal) is ground into a paste, then formed into tiny cakes and fried in oil to make the lentil cakes. A tempering of cumin seeds and bay leaves completes the dish.

Chanar Dalna

Chhana is essentially chhena in Hindi or an Indian cheese variety made from cow or buffalo milk. A traditional Bengali dish called Chanar Dalna is made with homemade chhana. Though paneer can also be used, as well as vegetables like potatoes and peas. The paneer is cooked in a flavorful spice-infused rich tomato and onion gravy to create the dish. The dish is then finished with a cumin and bay leaf tempering.


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