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Here are some interesting facts related to Nepal You Must Know.

Nepal is a very beautiful country. Where people often come to spend their holidays and spend some time close to nature. This country was not only the home of Lord Buddha, but it has also been the habitat of many species of flora and fauna. Not only this, it also has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which have a different pleasure to see.

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However, there is not just so much to know about Nepal. Of course, the natural beauty of this place mesmerizes everyone. But along with this, some facts related to this country surprise the person even more. So today in this article, we are telling you about some interesting facts related to Nepal, which you will definitely like very much-

The world’s highest mountain peaks

Nepal is a country where many mountain peaks are located. The most surprising thing is that eight of the ten highest mountain peaks in the whole world are located in Nepal. It also includes Mount Everest with an altitude of 8,848 meters.

The deepest valley exists

Generally, the mountains of Nepal always attract people to the world. However, very few people know that Nepal is a great region in both height and depth. There is a 4,375 meter deep Black Gandaki Valley here. It is said to be the second deepest valley in the world. This valley is formed by the Kali Gandaki River.

Independence Day is not celebrated

We all celebrate our Independence Day with great joy. But Nepal is a country where Independence Day is not celebrated. Yes, Nepal is one of the oldest countries in South Asia, but still this country has never been a slave to any other country or empire. In such a situation, when it was not captured, there was no question of independence. Therefore, Independence Day is also not celebrated there. But yes, National Constitution Day is celebrated on September 20 in this country.

Women get special discounts

Nepal is a country in the world where women get many types of discounts. Here a woman can have a marriage relationship with many men at the same time. It is perfectly valid in Nepal.

Custom of worship of virgin girls

There is a tradition of worshiping virgin girls in Nepal. There is even a Kumari temple in this country, which has a lot of recognition among the people. Actually, there is a story behind it too. Once there was a very severe earthquake in Nepal, due to which the whole of Nepal was damaged, but there was no damage to the place around the temple of Kumari Devi. Since then, virgin girls started being worshiped during Navratri there.

It’s behind in time.

Nepal is slightly behind other countries of the world in terms of time. Actually, Nepal’s time does not run according to the time zone, but according to Mount Everest. Due to which the time here is about 45 minutes behind UTC i.e. World Standard Time. In such a situation, if you go to Nepal, then you have to turn your clock back by 45 minutes there.

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