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Here are some delectable snack to accompany the tea

Tea is more than simply a beverage to Indians; it is a daily ritual. Most people have trouble picturing their day without a cup of tea. We all like coming home after a long day and sipping on a nice cup of tea, even if we don’t start our day with it. A delicious snack to go with the tea is the cherry on top. We frequently wind up eating bagged chips or namkeens along with biscuits.

We all occasionally try our hand at baking, so why not prepare and save this delectable Persian recipe? Tea and mawa cake work well together, so if you go to a Parsi cafe for tea, you’ll almost certainly see it on every table. After a long, stressful day, the creamy milky treat is the kind of cake you want to enjoy with a cup of tea to brighten your mood.


Without some kachoris, a cup of tea wouldn’t be complete. The tamarind chutney and spicy lentil filling go best with these flaky, fried appetisers. Try giving them a modern touch by stuffing them with cheese and other things of your choosing if you want to be a little more daring.

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Ajwain and kalonji are used to flavour this crispy snack. As they are made just of wheat flour, maida, and are cooked in ghee, it can be challenging to restrain yourself from eating too many of them. The best thing, though? It can be kept for later. They are easy to prepare in advance, store, and savour with tea anytime you like.


How could we ever forget about our favourite samosa? Although they are readily available in our local stores, you can try air frying them at home to see if it makes them healthier.


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