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Harry Styles fears fans will ‘rip out his hair’ after BRIT Awards win

After winning four BRIT Awards on Saturday night, Harry Styles was surprised and terrified when he was told that some people wanted to pull out his hair.

The former One Direction member, 29, had a successful evening, winning British Artist of the Year, British Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop/R&B Act.

The Mirror had a ringside seat to the conversation that saw Harry appear concerned from the winners room..

“There are lots of people wanting to meet you at the parties, some saying they want to pull out your hair,” said the winners room host.

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“I’m not really sure how to respond to that,” a perplexed Harry replied. I’ll probably avoid those people.”

Earlier, Harry told the Mirror that he misses England when his music and film careers keep him away from home for months at a time.

“I think especially after the last couple years of touring and everything coming back you know the last year and a half, probably miss England the most out of everything.”

He added: “Landing back this week felt really really nice and coming home and having this evening felt really special it’s always gonna be very special to me.”

For much of the night, Harry appeared to be in a reflective mood, recalling his X Factor days when he won the British Artist of the Year Award.

In reference to his One Direction days, he said: “I’d like to thank my family for being the most understanding, patient, and loving family I could have asked for.

He won BRIT Awards in a category that also included Central Cee, Fred Again, George Ezra, and Stormzy.



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