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Gym Membership: Health Evaluation Crucial Before Joining Gym

Many have begun to rethink how we exercise as reports of heart attacks in gyms and in the bodies of the physically fit increase. Can you just join a gym and begin doing strenuous exercises? Or should you get your health checked before working out at the gym?
We need to realise that exercising has more benefits than just weight loss before we delve further into this.

Obtain a health examination if…

According to Dr.Rajiv Dang, Senior Director and HOD of Internal Medicine and Medical Director at Max Hospital Gurugram. Getting a health checkup before joining a gym is recommended. The need for this arises when someone attempts to follow a rigorous exercise regimen. Such as working out in a gym, and plans to take drugs or supplements.

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What tests should someone take?

If tests are necessary, a good cardiac and pulmonary profile, including your vital signs like pulse, blood pressure, SPO2, blood sugar, and elements of other body parts like CBC, renal function, and liver function can be carried out,” explains Dr. Dang.

What more medical tests are required?

If a person has backache or any spine-related issues they must get a screening done so the instructor is aware of the condition and trains the person accordingly.
According to your medical history, additional testing might be necessary, says Dr. Dang.

Exercise is not simply about losing weight. 

“No, losing weight is not the only benefit of exercising. In addition to keeping various organs, such as the heart and lungs, ready to withstand the stress that may be necessary on an SOS basis, it is to maintain the muscles and the fundamental structure of the body in the greatest possible shape “Dr. Dang notes.

Exercise habits that need to change are unhealthy

Body damage from skipping warm-up and rest days is quite severe. As important as exercise is, the body needs to be properly warmed up and rested before and after a vigorous workout.
Another harmful habit is doing too many endurance exercises without considering your capacity and, of course, health. You must be aware of your restrictions.


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