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‘Google Doodle Celebrates Marie Tharp’ Why?

Google dedicated a doodle to Marie Tharp who is the American geologist and oceanographic cartographer, who enabled the discoveries and proved the theories of continental drift. According to the google oceanographic cartographer, Marie co-published the first world map of the ocean floors. The interactive animation of Marie’s journey relays the effort and struggle of her scientific contributions to the discoveries of the mysterious ocean floor.

Back in 1998,on this day Marie was titled as one of the greatest cartographers of the 20th century .The watercolor art styled slides of the Google doodle read a quote by Marie. It said, “I had a blank canvas to fill with extraordinary possibilities, a fascinating jigsaw puzzle to piece together. It was a once-in-a-lifetime – a once-in-the-history-of-the-world opportunity for anyone, but especially for a woman in the 1940s,”

Who was Marie Tharp?
Marie Tharp was born on July 30,1920 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.Her father served for the US Department of Agriculture backed her up by giving her a head start introduction to map making.She obtained her master’s degree in petroleum geology from the University of Michigan. Tharp moved to New York City in 1948 and proceeded to write many accomplishments . also read:- Western New York gets buried under a heap of six feet snow
She was the first woman to work at the Lamont Geological Observatory.Talking about her Discoveries and Contributions, Heezen provided his collected ocean-depth data in the Atlantic Ocean and Tharp utilized them to create maps by Google Doodle conveyed creatively.She did New findings from echo sounders. She was able to discover the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
Why is Marie Tharp celebrated?

As told before, Marie Tharp was an American geologist and oceanographic cartographer. She created the most groundbreaking ocean maps that proceeded to shift the perceptions of the world.In 1998, she was titled as one of the greatest cartographers of the 20th century on 21, November for her phenomenal work.

When did Marie Tharp’s career began?
Tharp’s career began in the early 1950s. It was when much of the under ocean land was cryptic to discover. Tharp figured out the rifted geography of the Atlantic ocean floor and was credited with creating the first scientific map of it, before the discovery of underwater cameras. Tharp became the first woman to be employed at the Lamont Geological Observatory in 1948.

All about Tharp’s Google Doodle

The watercolor styled Google doodle very interestingly and interactively which shows Tharp’s contributions and struggles throughout her journey. It was accompanied by the warm toned shades of blue and yellow.The animation asks you to click next after every part of the tale.
There are also some activities to do in the doodle, to hold your attention.


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