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Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Ending Explained

The highly-anticipated sequel Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery has finally arrived on Netflix. With director Rian Johnson building another enticing case for the genius Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig having the most fun) to solve.
Who killed Andi in Glass Onion? What happened to the napkin?
When Helen came to Blanc about the murder. He realized the best way to investigate was to join Miles’ weekend getaway, with Helen posing as Andi to shake the killer off-guard and help investigate. A recap of the case: Andi was found dead of an apparent suicide several days before the weekend at the Glass Onion. After she lost her court battle with Miles. In response, Miles cut her out of the legal ownership. when she went to court with a claim that she had intellectual ownership over the original idea. He claimed that he was the one who had written the idea for Alpha on a napkin at the Glass Onion bar all those years ago. She was going to use it to prove her case. And she sent an email to each of the Disruptors, with a picture of a red envelope containing the napkin. The big mystery that Helen and Blanc had to solve was who killed Andi to save Miles’ ass. And by association their own, after she discovered the napkin.

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How does Glass Onion end? Does the killer get away with it?
She finds the napkin from the Glass Onion Bar hiding in plain sight. But when she reveals herself to the group, Miles burns the it with his huge lighter. An idea he got from Lionel, who said about the red envelope, You did not just burn it? He starts gaslighting her and questioning whether anyone saw the napkin at all, as the Disruptors turn away from her. As she and the others regain consciousness (again, somehow alive, with zero injuries or burns). The remains of the room are all on fire…except the literal Mona Lisa, sitting in its everything-proof case. In dramatic slow-motion, Helen runs for the switch as Miles, Claire, Lionel, and Birdie all try to stop her. She makes it, and with the push of the statue, Miles gets his wish to be mentioned with the world-famous painting in the same breath.

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