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Glam Bistro: offers a unique dining experience with its popular fusion dishes.

Discover Glam Bistro, one of Delhi’s hottest eateries that offers a distinctive eating experience with its well-liked fusion cuisine. This chic Glam Bistro restaurant is located in Satyaniketan, New Delhi.
Speaking of the interiors, they are hip and stylish. It exudes a pleasant aesthetic mood. A glam bar, a glam area for taking pictures, a glam courtyard, and a glam terrace are all present. It is the ideal location for taking beautiful Instagram-worthy photos. It exudes a whole aesthetic glam mood.
The location of the restaurant is its specialty and USP, according to Suddhant Lamba, proprietor of Glam Bistro. They tried to make the eatery Instagrammable because South Campus Delhi is a very young person-friendly area so that the youngsters may take images or upload clips that will finally earn them publicity. Due to their affordability, they attract a lot of adults and college-bound students as consumers. All of the food and beverages they serve are pretty reasonably priced.
Foods They Serve
The food served here is primarily Chinese, Mexican, and North Indian. Additionally, a variety of distinctive shakes and drinks are available. The location also has a pleasant atmosphere, the best music, and excellent service. For fans of both music and food, it is a must-visit location.

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A variety of sizzler platters, dal makhani fondue, crunchy tacos, pizza, spring rolls, and “glam” cocktails are available at the restaurant. Additionally, they provide a variety of soups and salads. Also available are paneer momos (they serve non-veg momos as well).
The crunchy tacos were flavorful and had plenty of salsa and many types of condiments. The paneer momos had a delicious flavour and a decent mixture of vegetables and paneer. The shot-sized spring roll was extremely crispy and delicious.
Visit Buildings No. 4 & 5 Third Floor, Satya Niketan, New Delhi, if you would like to sample this delectable fusion cuisine as well.

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