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Give this lip smacking twist to the remaining potato vegetable.

Potato is a vegetable that is used in almost every household. Generally, we make different types of vegetables from potatoes. But many times after making potato vegetable, she survives. In such a situation, there is no desire to eat the same vegetable again and the members of the house refuse to eat that vegetable again. In this situation, we often exclude the vegetable.

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However, this spoils a lot of food. If you want to reduce the wastage of your food, then you can also serve this leftover vegetables in a different way. Yes, many different new dishes can be tried from the remaining potato vegetable. So let’s tell you today in this article about easy ways to make some new recipes from the remaining potato vegetable-

Potato Frankie

Making potato frankie from the remaining potato vegetable is definitely a good idea. This potato frankie will look very tasty to eat to everyone from children to adults. To make this potato frankie, you will need some spices, lemon juice, chutney and chopped onions in addition to the remaining potato vegetables. For this, you first prepare a paratha. Now add chopped onions, chutney and potato vegetable on top of it. It can be rolled out and taken with breakfast or tea. You can also add paneer or capsicum etc. to the potato frankie as per your choice. It’s a kind of role that everyone likes very much.

Bread Roll

Bread roll is a fried snack, often served with tea in the evening. It is usually prepared with boiled potatoes. But if you have the remaining potato vegetable then bread rolls can also be made from it. To make bread roll, take some leftover potato vegetable and add spices, chopped onions and green chillies according to your taste. Mix all these ingredients and spread them on bread slices. Later, deep fry it to make a bread roll by rolling it. Serve it with hot chutney or sauce.

Aloo Masala Puri

Usually, when we are bored with bread and vegetables, we make up our mind to eat whole. Usually, puris are prepared from plain flour. However, if you want to eat tasty puris for breakfast, then prepare aloo masala puri. This potato masala puri can be prepared with the remaining potato vegetable. All you have to do for this is mash the leftover potato vegetable and mix it with wheat flour. Now add salt, celery and other ingredients to it. After this, you prepare the dough for the whole with the help of water. You break small loaves of this dough and roll it and then deep fry it. Serve these hot tasty aloo masala puri with pickles or raita.

So now instead of throwing out the remaining potato vegetable, make these great dishes from it and serve it.


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