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Gigi Hadid removes post defending Varun Dhawan, Reddit claims it was PR cleanup.

Supermodel and American fashion icon Gigi Hadid attended the NMACC gala this past weekend in Mumbai. Varun Dhawan called Gigi Hadid to the stage during an event, spun her around, took her in his arms, and kissed her on the cheek.

Varun called it a planned gimmick and provided clarification on Twitter after receiving criticism for acting in the same way. By saying that she was able to realise her Bollywood dreams, Gigi defended him. However, Gigi later deleted that specific Instagram story before it had a chance to permanently vanish from her account.

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Some devoted fans and movie buffs shared their opinions on Reddit, and they were not pleased. The majority of fans have expressed conflicting opinions about the entire incident. Many have dubbed it a PR cleanup to preserve Varun Dhawan’s reputation and the stakes at the star-studded Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre launch.

“You’re correct.

Coz, Around 11 IST, Varun posted on Twitter. Making my Bollywood dreams come true was Gigi’s first Instagram story. Ideally, the story should still be present. It was a PR clean up, I knew that. Why would she follow VD and not Srk, for example? On her main post, she has literally only posted Ash & Srk.

There is tea, but Ambani’s PR will clean it up “a supporter stated. “My best guess is that by the time 22 hours had passed, the discussion on social media had ended. Varun was presented as the one who provided her with a BW experience. On his Twitter, he added that this was planned in advance. The majority of people, including those on this sub, had believed it… until she silently deleted it. She didn’t want VD to use her significant platform’s social media engagement, followers, or publicity for an act she might have been somewhat uncomfortable with “One more admirer spoke. “She most likely felt uneasy, in my opinion. But like all women, she was frequently made to feel as though it was not a big deal at first. She then gave it more thought.

She deleted the story after giving it some more thought. I believe Varun contacted her or her PR team, and because she didn’t want to cause a scene given that a foreign nation is involved and she wanted to appear respectful to her hosts, she posted that story, a fan pointed out.


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