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George Soros had said that PM Narendra Modi would “have to answer questions”

After billionaire investor George Soros predicted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would “have to answer questions”. As a result of Indian business tycoon Gautam Adani’s recent stock market woes. Union Minister Smriti Irani urged Indians to stand as one against “foreign powers who try to intervene in India’s democratic processes.”

She referred to Mr. Soros’ comment as a “vow to destroy India’s democratic processes”. Asserted that Indians have already overcome such “foreign powers” that have attempted to intervene in our internal matters and will do so once more. She urged everyone in India to respond to George Soros in a dignified manner.

Regarding Mr. Soros’s comment, senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said

It had “nothing to do with George Soros” and that Congress, opposition parties, and India’s electoral process will determine if the Adani scandal “sparked a democratic resurgence.”

“The Congress, Opposition parties, and our election system are solely responsible for determining if the PM-related Adani scandal sparks a democratic resurgence in India. George Soros has NOTHING to do with it. Because of Nehru’s heritage, outsiders like Soros cannot influence our electoral results “Tweeted he.

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The Union Minister attacked the billionaire harshly,

He is calling him a “economic war criminal” who has made it clear that he intends to harm India.

“The man who destroyed the Bank of England and has been labelled an economic war criminal by his country has now declared his intention to destroy the Indian democratic system. International businessman George Soros has stated his intention to meddle in India’s democratic processes, “Firebrand BJP leader claimed.

She claimed that these groups work to overthrow governments in other nations in order to install “their hand-picked people.”

She referred to the billionaire investor infamous for destabilising the Bank of England in 1992 and stated, “It is apparent from his words that he has pronounced investing over one billion dollars particularly to target leaders like PM Modi is crucial.”


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