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Follow this detox diet plan to remove dirt in the body

When dirt accumulates on the body from outside, we clean it so that our body remains beautiful and clean. It is also very important to clean the dirt inside the body. Due to wrong eating habits, irregular lifestyle and many other reasons, dirt accumulates inside our body, without which the body is not able to function properly. The process of cleansing the body from the inside is called the detox process. If we do not clean this waste stored inside the body at the right time, then the body is not able to work properly and its symptoms are clearly visible.

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Detox diet plans are considered good to detox the body. It is very important to take the right diet, at the right time, to remove all the toxins stored in the body and clean it from inside. In everyday life, we eat many things due to which toxins increase in our body, they can be removed from the detox diet.

Dietician Radhika Goyal has given information about this on her Instagram account. Let’s find out.

This is the detox diet plan

  • Drink honey in lemon water on an empty stomach. Do not heat the honey. Lemon is considered very good for detoxifying the body.
  • Eat sprouts salad for breakfast. Salads can also include onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, cucumbers and some leafy things.
  • In the mid-day meal, you should take vegetable juice. You can drink juice of green leafy vegetables, beetroot, gourd or other such healthy vegetables. Eat two soaked walnuts with it.
  • Eat a bowl of moong dal khichdi for lunch. Take yogurt  with it.
  • In the evening, eat roasted chickpeas as a snack with green tea.
  • Have tomato and beetroot juice for dinner.
  • Drink fennel water after dinner

Keep this in mind

This diet is very good for detoxifying your body. Along with this, keep yourself hydrated . Drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day. Include home-cooked food in your diet. Avoid eating outside. Do not completely disappear any food group from your diet. What you are eating, as well as how much and at what time you are eating, also matters.

Note- Before starting any new diet, consult your doctor or expert once.

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