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Flower festival is underway at Jugibari Rural Tourism Centre,which has drawn more than 10,000 visitors.

Over 10,000 people have come to the Jugibari Rural Tourism Center for a two-day “flower festival” that runs through Sunday. On New Year’s Day, rural Khumtai in eastern Assam is in full bloom. Flowers from dahlias, bougainvillaeas, roses, tuberoses, and many other types are competing for consumers’ attention at a unique carnival in this area of the Golaghat district.
Every home here has a profusion of flowers growing.
We want people to know that these may also be a source of income, Mrinal Saikia, a Khumtai MLA, said PTI. He noted that in order to give locals enough time to participate, planning began approximately four months ago.
All 34 of our stalls were reserved months in advance. We were unable to fulfil many stall requests, Pradyut Khound, a local teenager involved with the carnival, remarked.
Over the course of the two days. He claimed that more than 10,000 people attended the carnival and over 10 lakh rupees worth of saplings were also sold. Renu Saikia claimed that the carnival has allowed her to turn what had previously been a “mere hobby” into a source of income. According to Munmi Konwar. The 20-member women’s group in charge of the tourism centre used to sell flowers to park visitors from their homes.

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They didn’t make a lot of money back then.
However, this carnival has provided a clear shape. The majority of the kiosks are run by locals, “She spoke. The local representative claimed that the flower festival is one of several initiatives to market his district as a rural tourist attraction.
“The Jugibeel, which draws numerous migratory birds, made Jugibari well-known as a tourist attraction. We are attempting to give the locals a shared platform through the carnival so they may take advantage of it “Sikia tacked on.

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