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Five Must-Watch Korean Drama Of Ahn Hyo seop.

Canadian-South Korean Drama In addition to being a superb actor, Ahn Hyo Seop, also known as Paul Ahn, is a gifted singer and multilingual. Your eyes will be drawn to his endearing face right away, and he has the ability to steal the show. Although his parents initially disapproved of his decision, it has obviously been a wise one. He is currently one of the most in-demand and well-liked male leads in South Korean entertainment. The following are the best dramas by the actor that are worth bingeing:

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1. Business Proposal

With an 8.1 rating on IMDb, Business Proposal was one of the most popular Korean dramas of 2022. He portrayed Kang Tae-moo, a successful Go Food businessman. His grandfather, who is raising him, only wants to see him get married and start a family. His grandfather keeps setting him up on blind dates even though he has no interest in going. But fortunately, fate has arranged things so that he can meet the love of his life, who happens to work for his company. Kim Se-jeong plays the lead female role in this drama.

2. Abyss 

The fantasy Korean drama Abyss centres on the owner of a sizable cosmetics company played by Ahn Hyo Seop. He is a modest and intelligent man. But he is sensitive and insecure about his appearance. Park Bo Young, the lead female character, is a skilled and attractive prosecutor. Through the use of a magical item that can bring the dead back to life, the drama’s two leads are reincarnated into new bodies.

3. Lovers of the Red Sky

Lovers of the Red Sky is a historical-romantic Korean drama with supernatural undertones. In this one, Ahn plays a blind astrologer with red eyes who was injured as a child. Due to the terrible incident that fundamentally changed his life, he is now seeking retribution from the royal family.

4. Queen of the Ring

In the romance Korean fantasy film Queen of the Ring, a girl finds a magical ring that transforms her into the most likeable person. Mo Nan-hee was never a girl that attracted lots of men because she was attractive. Until the day she was given a magical ring that altered her appearance. Observe how her life is changed by the magical ring.

5. Dr. Romantic 2

This medical Korean drama was extremely popular. Due to the devotion of its domestic and international fanbase, this drama’s seasons 1 and 2 also received numerous awards. The third season of the drama will soon be released; it will debut on April 28, 2023. Let’s see what compelling storylines and twists viewers can expect from Dr. Romantic 3.


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