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Everything you wanted to know about Amarnath Temple and Yatra.

One of the most well-known and visited Hindu shrines is Amarnath Temple, which is located in the Jammu and Kashmir region of Anantnag. It is a cave in Jammu and Kashmir that is 3,888 metres above sea level and 168 kilometres from the city of Anantnag. Mountains covered in snow and glaciers surround the cave in Sind Valley. The Amarnath Yatra brings thousands of pilgrims here from June to August.

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History Of Amarnath Temple 

Ancient myths claim that Shiva left his bull Nandi in Pahalgam (Bail Gaon) while travelling. At Chandanwari, he managed to free the Moon from his hair. On the shores of Lake Sheshnag, he released his snake. At Mahagunas Parvat (Mahaganesh Mountain), he left his son Ganesha. At Panjtarni, Shiva left the five elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Sky. Shiva represented his sacrifice of the material world by performing the Tandava Dance. After entering the Amarnath Cave, Shiva and Parvati both manifested as ice Lingams. Shiva changed into an ice-based lingam, and Parvati into a rock-based yoni. Legend has it that Sage Bhrigu (rishi) was the first to discover the Amarnath.

Why Visit Amarnath Temple 

To receive Lord Shiva’s blessings, people journey to Amarnath Cave from all over India. When the ice on the cave’s roof melted and fell to the ground, it formed the Shivling. According to legend, Lord Shiva chose this cave to teach the goddess Parvati about the universe’s creation and the meaning of eternal life.

Amarnath Yatra

Pilgrims travel to Amarnat h during the 45-day period surrounding the Shravani Mela celebration in July-August, which coincides with the Hindu holy month of Shravana. Summertime, when the Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage is held, is when the icy stalagmite Shiva lingam reaches the height of its waxing phase. Every year, the best period for the Amarnath Yatra is from July 1 to August 31.

How to Reach Cave?

The closest airport  is in Srinagar, which serves Jammu & Kashmir. Jammu is the station that is closest to Amarnath when travelling by rail.

You have two options for getting from Jammu to Pahalgam and Baltal: either take a public bus or hire a private vehicle. The traditional route through Srinagar and the shorter via Baltal route are the two hiking paths that lead to the revered Amarnath Cave. Helicopter service is available to get to Amarnath Temple. When you arrive in Srinagar, drive up to Baltal and take the helicopter to Panchtarni. From Panchtarni, it is only a 6-kilometer walk away; alternatively, you can rent a horse or palki.

Places To See Around Temple.

Vaishno Devi, Martand Sun Temple, Sheshnag Lake, Baltal Valley and Zoji La Pass are some of the popular attractions that you must see when you visit this place.


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