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Even after winning Miss India, Sonu Walia was required to appear in B movies.

Do you think too much length can ruin one’s career? If not, then you must know the story of actress Sonu Walia.

The brilliant star’s real name is Sonia. Yet, she is addressed as Sonu by her admirers. Sonu Walia was born in New Delhi, India, on February 19, 1964. She holds a journalism degree. The actress has a graduate degree in psychology as well. Major Satinder Walia is the name of the star’s father, an officer in the Indian Army. The superstar’s mother is a stay-at-home mom. Monu Walia is the name of Sonu Walia’s sister. The spectators had once compared her to the multi-talented actor Kabir Bedi.

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Also, in the year 1988, they had even exchanged rings. The couple later chose to end their relationship and go their separate ways. In 1995, she exchanged an eternitarian vow with the love of her life. The actress’ better half is a man by the name of Pratap Singh, who resides in and runs a number of hotels in the United States of America. The singer and her life partner have been given a heavenly, gorgeous daughter by the Almighty.


Sonu Walia has worn the hat of a model, and when she first entered the world of Bollywood, the public saw her in a lot of commercials. The 1986 film Shart was the first to have an actor acting out emotions or circumstances for the camera. Two years later, in the film Khoon Bhari Maang, the star demonstrated her acting prowess. The superstar was starring in a film called Akarshan that same year, which was seen by moviegoers. Sonu Walia demonstrated at Hatim Tai that she is a powerhouse of incredible skill after a year-long break. She returned to acting after a two-year hiatus in Tahalka.


The celebrity got the title of Miss India in a contest in the year 1985. The famous person competed in the Miss Universe pageant on behalf of her nation. Sonu Walia received a Filmfare award in 1989 for her work as the best supporting actress. The award was given to her for the movie Khoon Bhari Maang.


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