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Eat these things to deal with breast swelling during periods

You may have noticed that before the menstrual cycle, the breast starts to swell and it becomes quite tender. This is due to fluctuations in hormone levels. Since your hormones rise and fall during the normal menstrual cycle, this happens.

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The exact time for hormonal changes varies from woman to woman. Estrogen causes the breasts to enlarge the ducts. The production of progesterone causes inflammation in the milk glands. Both of these hormones can cause pain and swelling in the breast.

Nutritionist Shikha Gupta keeps sharing many information related to diet on Instagram. He said in one of his posts, ‘The dominance of estrogen means that estrogen floats more in the blood stream. There is no number set that can show estrogen dominance. This is called the sum of estrogen, which you compare to your other sex hormones. ‘

She further explains that special care should be taken of the diet during this time. To reduce breast swelling and pain during periods, what things should be included in your diet, let’s know from experts.

Eat iodine-rich foods

Iodine-rich foods such as bananas, carrots, seafood can help you with this. Additionally, Sea Kelp is a high-quality iodine rich food that will reduce bad estrogen to a great extent and improve the proportion of good estrogen.

Take vegetable juices

You also need to detox your liver to relieve breast swelling and pain. Since it improves your metabolic function, you should consume things that help in detox. Include green vegetable juice in your diet.

Eat cruciferous vegetables

Consume more of cruciferous vegetables as it contains DIM, which is responsible for reducing bad estrogen and improving good estrogen. Cruciferous vegetables contain a compound called 3,3-diandolimethylmethane, which lowers high estrogen levels. Along with this, estrogen in the liver supports detox. In simple words, it helps to balance estrogen levels.

What not to eat –

Do not eat soybeans

If you are eating soybean in any form, then stop it, because it is full of bad estrogen. The soybeans we are taking today are GMO i.e. genetically modified. Even check the strength of your protein or packaged foods that contain cheap quality soy protein.

Avoid commercial dairy products

Stay away from commercial dairy completely, as it is rich in hormones. Apart from this, consume organic milk. In such a situation, A2 organic milk may be the best option for you

Dietician Shikha Gupta adds, “Try to eat organic as much as possible because the pesticides present in the food can mimic estrogen by entering the blood stream. ‘

You should also make your diet nutritious and get relief from swelling and pain in the breast. If the pain is high these days, then contact your doctor once. We hope you like this information. If you liked this article, then like and share it and stay connected with Everyday to read similar articles.


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