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Durian: It is a fruit in the world that smells very bad, let us tell you about this fruit

Durian: Along with keeping the environment clean, trees and plants also give us many types of flower, fruit and vegetable. The scent of fruit and vegetable makes people’s mind to eat them, but do you know that there is also a fruit in the world, which is known not for its fragrance, but for its smell, let us tell you about this fruit.

What is the name of the fruit?

The name of the world’s smelly fruit is durian. This fruit resembles jackfruit. It is very common in Southeast Asia. The inside of this fruit is yellow in color. This fruit also has thorns that can be injured if accidentally bitten by the eater. The smell of this fruit is like dirty socks, so many people do not like to eat this fruit.

Why does this fruit smell bad?

According to Earth Sky’s research, durian contains 44 different types of chemical compounds that cause odor, and three of them are compounds that have been found in a natural substance for the first time. According to scientists, this smell of this fruit does not come due to any one compound, but from the combination of all these compounds together. This fruit has a mixed mixture of honey, sulfur, caramel, soup, rotten eggs, rotten cabbage, roasted onions and rotten fruit, due to which it smells so bad. 

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Durian’s smile

Durian’s smell is so sharp and bad that it is often kept separately in glass boxes in fruit shops. This fruit is known for its distinct taste and nutritional value.

Also, it is also used to make many medicines. It contains vitamin-B6, vitamin-C, folic acid and vitamin-A.

How much does this fruit cost?

In 2019, two durian fruits were sold in Indonesia and at that time the price of one durian was about 70 thousand rupees. The inner part is eaten by removing the thorns on the upper part of this fruit.



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