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Dry fruit: Are you facing problem while buying Pistachios, take help from our tips

Pistachios are also part of the dry fruit that comes in green. Many people are not able to make a difference in its quality while buying it, so today we have brought some tips to buy pistachios (dry fruit) and identify its correct quality to overcome their problem.

Pay attention to the color
Many times we are not able to distinguish between poor and correct quality pistachios in the market and bring them home without knowing it. These poor quality pistachios are harmful to our health, so always choose open and light green pistachios. The color of the perfect and real pistachios is light.
Buy peeled pistachios
If you buy pistachios from the market or supermarket, always buy peeled pistachios. In the market you will find two types of pistachios, one peeled and the other unpeeled. Unpeeled pistachios are often faked and made from peanuts. Also, to avoid the weight of the peel, most people buy unpeeled pistachios.
Test it

Try eating pistachios before buying to see how it tastes. Not bad or like peanuts. By eating, you will know good quality pistachios. Be sure to taste any food item before buying it. This will reveal the real, fake and quality.

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Find out the brand

Pistachios found in supermarkets are often packed in packets as well as people buy pistachios from the online grocery market. In such a situation, before buying pistachios in the supermarket or online, find out if the brand is local.

Try soaking in water

To find out the real and fake of pistachios, soak 3-4 pistachios in water. In an hour, see if the water has a pistachio color. Real pistachios do not leave color, while the color of fake pistachios dissolves in water.


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