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Driving license: Now run anywhere without a DL car, bike and scooter; But just do this one thing.

Driving license (DL) is required to drive a car, motorcycle or scooter. If a person does not have a driving license, he cannot drive these vehicles and if found driving then action can be taken against him. The traffic police can deduct the fine of such a person. To drive a motor vehicle, the person must have a driving license. But, what if a person has a driving license but forgets to keep it with him while driving a motor vehicle? In such a situation, the police can cut the fine, but there is a way to avoid it.

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If you have a driving license (DL) , then you can keep it comfortably at home and drive the vehicle. Yes, but for this you have to do one thing. In fact, the government had launched a mobile application called DigiLocker (DigiLocker) long ago promoting Digital India. In this mobile application, any citizen of India can keep his necessary documents in the form of soft copy. The soft copy of your document present in this app is valid everywhere.

In such a situation, if you do not want to keep the driving license with you, then you can keep its soft copy in DigiLocker and keep the original copy of the driving license at home. After this, you can drive a car, bike or scooter etc. comfortably, if a traffic policeman stops, you can show them a soft copy of the license present in DigiLocker.


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