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Don’t feel like earning? So these countries will give you free houses, cars and bungalows, live life comfortably

This places will give you money to live: Living in the best countries in the world is the dream of many people, although it is not so easy to do. You need a lot of money to buy a house, buy land or start a business there. You will be surprised to know that there are many places around the world where new residents are needed to increase the population, entrepreneurs who can start businesses and many countries are happy to pay for it.

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  1. Vermont

Vermont is a mountainous state in the United States. This state is known for producing cheddar cheese and the famous Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The beauty of nature makes Vermont an ideal destination for tourism but, unfortunately, only about 620,000 people live in the state. That’s why this state remote worker grant program is offering applicants $10,000 (about Rs 7.4 lakh) for two years. In May of 2018, Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed a bill for a state initiative that provides $10,000 to those willing to move to Vermont and work while in state. (AP)


If you love the snow, winter, and a leisurely pace of life, and you want to go to a place where you can get clean and fresh air then the state of Alaska will pay you to live there permanently. As the region’s population is declining rapidly, the government pays Alaska residents investment income from the natural resources mined there. That’s about $2,072 (about Rs 1.5 lakh) per person per year, with the condition that you have to stay there for at least a year and not leave the state for certain days. (AP)


Switzerland’s quaint city of Albinon is giving money to people to increase the population of this small town. The government here will pay Rs 45 lakh to the youth below 20 years of age and Rs 8 lakh per child. However, the condition is that you have to stay there for at least 10 years. At present, the population of this city is only 240 people. (AP)


Antikythera is a Greek island that is looking to increase its population. The current population of this island is only 20 people. Mainly Greek citizens have been called in to visit the island, but the government is also welcoming people from all over the world. The person settling on this island will be paid about 45 thousand rupees monthly for the first three years, and they will also be provided land or accommodation. The weather of the place is great, and Greece is trying to improve the transport system to welcome more people.


Ponga in Spain is a paradise for newlyweds. If you come, the government is ready to pay you Two lakh 68 thousand rupees. Ponga is a beautiful and scenic city and one of the best places to live. If someone has children, the government is also ready to pay extra. So far, the population here is around 851. The country wants to use this policy to populate the city. (Image: Twitter/lndian_Bronson)


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