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Dolly Singh talks about body shaming, and how people’s comments on others’ body

Dolly Singh spoke candidly about dealing with misogyny at home, her battle with mental health, and other topics. She also discussed body shaming and related a recent event that happened to her. Dolly Singh claimed that such individuals need to be called out since they typically believe that making jokes about another person’s physique will be hilarious or make for a wonderful conversation.

By shame, I mean all kinds of it

Dolly Singh told that she finds it quite upsetting that in 2023, people are still body-shaming one another. By shame, I mean all kinds of it. I have the impression that no one in this room has not now gone through something similar. Kuchh na kuchh is a common phrase. I’m not sure why, but humko lagta hai (“Well let’s comment on each other’s bodies for some reason; this would make for a fantastic conversation”) seems to be the general consensus. She said, “I don’t understand. She continued by saying that she was attempting to improve her comebacks and her ability to respond to and stop people when they made offensive statements.

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Dolly claimed that a week prior, she had been filming in a Jaipur restaurant whose proprietor was a guy. The owner made a comment about her appearance as she prepared to consume a substantial paratha on camera. I was meant to devour this big paratha while it was being filmed. “Arey haa, inko khilao,” he exclaims. Dekho haalat inki dekho. Achha hai inke liye, inko khilao yaar. And I was at a loss for words. Uncle, aise nahi bolte. I couldn’t think of a funny response, so I just said it. And he was quiet,” Dolly added.

She continued,

“You have to take those chances, you have to call people out on these things. Of course, I can see these things now that I’m an adult, but this is not cool. I enjoy how discussions are had about everyone’s shape, weight, face, hair, and everything else—not just tiny people. I go by the principle that if this individual cannot repair the situation in the next 5-10 seconds, don’t talk about it. Why do you say that?


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