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Doja Cat was encrusted in 30,000 Swarovski crystals for Paris Fashion Week

In contrast to Kylie Jenner, who attended Schiaparelli’s haute couture show in Paris sporting a faux severed lion head on her frock. Doja Cat made an unforgettable impression on the audience by channelling her ‘Avatar’ and donning red body paint from head to toe. The singer came wearing a red dress from the fashion brand with a beaded skirt. On Instagram, makeup artist Pat McGrath wrote about the “Doja’s Inferno” look. Explained that it was intended to evoke the feeling of a live sculpture in the front row.

Daniel Roseberry and Doja Cat’s collaboration was a “absolute pleasure,” according to McGrath.

The famous makeup artist also disclosed that Doja Cat endured “patience and dedication” while working on the “Doja’s Inferno” look. It took four hours and 58 minutes to complete. Hand-applied Swarovski crystals totaling 30,000 were used. Doja Cat’s hard work and dedication paid off in the form of a stunning, hypnotic masterpiece, according to McGrath.

Doja Cat, a rapper from the United States who is 27 years old. She explained to Elle Magazine how a middle school supervisor reprimanded her for wearing “colourful, attention-grabbing” tutu-assembled costumes. The dress Doja Cat wore on Monday for the Paris Fashion Week Show was specially created by Daniel Roseberry, the creative director of Schiaparelli.
Doja Cat’s entrance at the Paris Petit Palais was a noteworthy beginning to the fashion house’s Couture Spring-Summer 2023 presentation.

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How did Doja Cat’s appearance cause trypophobia?

Trypophobia is a sort of anxiety disorder. According to the Cleveland Medical Clinic, “brings on feelings of disgust or terror when you observe patterns with lots of holes.” Sponge, seedy fruits, and sunflowers can all be triggers for those with trypophobia.

The 30,000 diamonds on Doja Cat, according to the Daily Mail, caused some fans to experience trypophobia.



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