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Do you know the interesting history of Kaju Katli?

Every festival of India is absolutely incomplete without sweets. We can’t imagine any festival without them… But Kaju Katli are everyone’s favorite. So whenever there is a talk of eating something sweet, the thought of cashew katli comes to mind. However, cashew katli is a dessert that we can easily find at every shop, but during the festival, katli is made at home.

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However, many people think that cashew katli is made only in India, while it is equally famous in other countries. Yes, the history of this dessert of India is quite old, then the way of making it was completely different, while now the method has changed completely. So let’s know the easy way to make cashew nuts-

What is history?

The history of Katli has been very interesting and its story is also very simple. It is said that cashew katli was invented in the Mughal period which was first built during the reign of Jahangir. It is said that Jahangir used cashew katli to make cashew nuts in the royal kitchen from condensed milk or rabri. Crushed cashewnuts and almonds to pay respect to the Sikh Guru.

Earlier this dessert was also known as cashew-barfi, but over time it came to be called cashew katli.

Connection with Sikhs

It is said that Jahangir had taken Sikh gurus and kings captive and kept them captive in the fort of Gwalior for a long time. The suffering of the detainees was evident and their living conditions were also miserable. The sixth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Hargobind, was one of the detainees.

With his instructions, the king assisted in making the prisoners inside the fort self-sufficient and improved the quality of life of all the prisoners and guards. After this, Emperor Jahangir announced that the Guru would be freed and anyone who could wear his clothes would be freed.

Guru Hargobind secretly ordered the 52 kings to make long enough robes to be worn by everyone in jail. On Diwali, all the prisoners were freed wearing their long robes. Just in this joy, cashew katli was made and served to everyone.

Lucknow is a part of the city.

Cashew katli was made by Jahangir in the city of Lucknow, which was known for its rich culinary culture. Cashew nuts were finely ground and mixed with sugar and ghee to make sweets. The mixture was cooked on a low flame until it thickened

Subsequently, cashew katli became popular all over India and is now one of the most loved sweets in the country. It is also exported to other countries and is a popular Indian dessert among the Indian diaspora.

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