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Do not compromise the safety of your Vehicle by installing car accessories crash guards

Vehicle manufacturers already give strong features in the car, after which your car looks very strong and is equipped with features. But do you know that there are some bad and useless accessories inside the car, due to which you may have to face many problems later. Let’s give you more information about it.

Chrome Garnish

Decorating your car lenses, doors and ORVMs with fake chrome plastic garnishes doesn’t make it more attractive. So it’s kind of useless in the car.

Crash Bar

To avoid minor scratches, don’t compromise on the safety of your car by installing crash guards. Nowadays, cars have sensors for safety like ABS and airbags, which is very strong in safety.

Brake Light

Some car owners install flashing bulbs in the tail lamps of their cars when braking is applied. These types of brakes occur in race cars and not in everyday cars. Due to this, drivers coming from behind the car may also have trouble.

Plastic hood scoop and air vents

Adding fake stops and air vents with double-side tape only spoils the look of both you and the vehicle.

Aftermarket ambient lighting

One of the most popular accessories used in the car. Adding an aftermarket ambient lighting system compromises your electrical wiring.

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Steering Wheel Spinner Knobs

This is an old accessory from manual steering, which comes in power steering in all modern cars, those who wear it cannot become a good driver.

Strong aftermarket horn

Honking fast in your car is both illegal, causing loud noise pollution. If your car’s main horn breaks, you can install a horn that adheres to legal limits.

Fake badge

This accessory is one of the oldest and worst, adding a Ferrari or BMW badge to your economy car has no effect on its performance or handling.


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