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Did you know that condoms also have some disadvantages?

When it comes to birth control, condoms are the most frequently used term. All across the world, condoms are used to avoid unintended pregnancy and STIs. They are the best method of contraception, according to doctors. This is indeed true to some extent, however did you also realise that condoms can potentially have negative effects? While it is true that this fact is not entirely successful and is probably generally known, there are still some other factors that prevent condoms from being the greatest.

Three negative effects of condom use

The success rate of condoms is 97%, but according to one study, it may even be lower. This is due to the fact that many users are unable to employ it appropriately. It will not function in this circumstance. Its negative impacts will become apparent if you discuss them.

1. Latex Allergy

You might not be aware of it, but many people have latex allergies. They are manufactured all over the world from latex. Gynecologists see new cases of these allergies on a daily basis. Polyurethane condoms and lamb skin condoms are two alternatives that are now available for those who are allergic to latex, although they are more expensive and harder to find than conventional condoms.

2. A decline in sexual gratification

This is not a scientific truth, though. Nonetheless, many individuals criticise it. During this time, sexual sensitivity is reduced. Condoms may be a little confusing for couples who use them in addition to other forms of birth control. Several couples claim that using latex condoms really lessens the pleasure of their sex.

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3. Even the best lubricants can’t be used with oil.

This is arguably the biggest disadvantage of condoms. It cannot be used with oil-based lubricants as Vaseline, oil, some forms of gels, etc. Women frequently complain about a lack of natural lubrication. If oil is used in this case instead of the best lubricants, friction may result. It may slip or explode as a result of the oil in these. Women may frequently experience issues in this circumstance.

With condoms, there is always the issue of excessive friction. It may explode if there is ever too much friction during the sexual act. It is preferable that you consult your doctor about contraceptive options if there is such a concern. The doctor can provide you with the appropriate advice based on your medical history and sexual activities.


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