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Devbagh is the amazing treasure of Karnataka, explore these adorable places.

Best Places to Visit in Devbagh: South India is a part of the country where thousands of domestic and foreign tourists arrive to visit every day. Thousands of people arrive every day in Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

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Karnataka in South India is also a state where thousands of native and foreign people arrive every day. Being present on the shore of the beach, there are one of the best places in this state.

By the way, karnataka Rajya Sabha elections are going to be held in the coming days and thousands of people are also arriving every day. In such a situation, if you are going to Karnataka for any work or tour, then you can explore these best places of Devbagh.Let’s know.

Tarkarli Beach

When it comes to the best places to visit in Karnataka, the name of Tarkarli Beach is definitely taken first. The blue sky and blue water and coconut on the side-side work to add to the beauty of this beach.

Let us tell you that thousands of people arrive to see the wonderful view of sunset in the evening and sunrise in the morning. Tarkarli Beach is famous not only for walking but also for many water activities.

Devbagh Beach

fter visiting Tarkarli Beach, you can go to visit a Beach. Let us tell you that it is a very beautiful and wonderful place situated on an island. If you are planning to visit a quiet place in Devbagh, then you will not find a better place than this.

Just as Devbagh Beach is famous for beauty, it is famous for one of the best water activities. Here you can also enjoy swimming to scuba diving. It is said that one has to resort to a boat to go to this beach.

Other places to visit in Devbagh

Apart from visiting Tarkarli Beach and Devbagh Beach, there are many great places that you can explore here. You can also explore places like Lighthouse, Sadashivgarh Fort and Shejeshwar Temple present here. Apart from this, if you want to shop in Devbagh, then you can also shop in Devbagh Market.

How to reach Devbagh?

It is very easy to reach Devbaagh. It is connected to almost every city in Karnataka. Kundal railway station is the nearest railway station to Devbagh. From here, you can easily go to Devbagh by taking a local taxi or cab. Devbaagh is about 35 km from Kundal railway station.

You can also reach here by air. Goa Airport is the nearest airport to Devbaagh. The distance from here to Devbagh is about 68 km. For this, you can take a taxi or cab.

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