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Dengue Treatment: These medicines should be avoided when you have dengue fever

Dengue treatment increases the terror of mosquitoes every year in a particular season. Infected mosquito bites can cause serious diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya. Therefore, it is important to keep complete information about them.

Mosquito terrors start when there is a monsoon or continuous rain for a few days. Thousands of mosquitoes enter the house outside the house, around trees and plants or even when the door is opened.

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And when water collects somewhere around, there is a fear of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya. However, different types of mosquito bites cause different diseases. The most important thing is to keep the surroundings clean so that no mosquitoes can grow. Infections caused by mosquito bites usually include fever, body ache, headache. Dengue is accompanied by fever as well as stinging pain behind the eyes.

Give priority to mosquito protection

  • If there are more mosquitoes around you, then definitely adopt measures like mosquito nets and repellents.
  • Be ware of mosquitoes even during the day. Even if you have dengue, consult a doctor instead of getting upset.
  • Do not take medicines like Combiflam, Ibuprofen and Voveran. The use of paracetamol is considered relatively safe.
  • If there is a persistent fever, vomiting, contact a physician or pediatrician.
  • If there is difficulty in drinking water and blood pressure is falling, then hospitalization may be needed.
  • However, not every patient needs to be admitted to the hospital.

Check for hematocrit and platelets

There are different types of tests for dengue. In this, information about infection is obtained through PCV test. The condition of the blood is checked in the hematocrit test. In this, hematocrit is more important than platelets. In this, dengue information is obtained from the NS1 antigen test. Blood tests give accurate information about this disease and infection. These tests are easily available.


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