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Deepanjali Chhetri never looked back, her journey has been like this

Harjeevan is telling about some trans women who not only enjoyed their journey but also set an example. Deepanjali Chhetri also comes in the list of these trans women, who need no introduction today. So let’s know about Deepanjali Chhetri’s journey on the occasion of Pride Month-

Question: How do you define yourself?

A: From birth, society has always considered myself a boy, but I have always considered myself a girl. I feel proud to say that I am a trans woman.

Q: How did your family react after knowing that you are a trans woman?

A: My name is Deepanjali Chhetri. I am from Darjeeling, West Bengal. My parents and my sister are in my house and I was the only heir. In such a situation, it was a little difficult to tell my family that I want to be a girl because what will society say. But after suffering a lot, my family supported me and I was able to go this journey.

Q: How did you go such a long way?

I knew from childhood that I was a girl, but when I was a child. But after coming to Delhi, I saw many people or NGOs who encouraged me. I worked on myself. I did a part-time job and cooked and sold food and gradually the path became easier.

Q: After such a long journey, do you think something is changing?

A- Earlier transgenders had a lot of problems. Society does not respect trans women… They think that a boy is walking around wearing a girl’s clothes. While that’s not the case, it’s not easy to get out wearing girl’s clothes.

When I came home after the surgery, we suffered a lot, especially my family. People taunted that now your boy has become a girl. When I became a model, this society started giving me respect. Yes, it will take some more time for society to understand this.

Q: You are the first trans woman to join the ‘Miss Diva 2021’ race, how do you feel?

A: Being a trans woman as well as a model was not easy for me. I was not given work after being selected in the audition just because I am a trans woman. Many people used to refuse directly after knowing that our brand would be ruined because of your name.

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Q: How did you become a part of ‘Miss Diva 2021’?

At that time, there were some changes in the rules of modding and trans women were allowed to participate in the competition. It was my dream to become Miss Diva 2021, but I am happy that by participating in this competition I set a new example not only for myself but for the entire LGBTQ society. It was not just my selection but a hope for those who want to present themselves as a girl.

Q- Tell us about your diet, what is your traditional food?

Answer: Everyone’s food is different. Everyone has their own favorite dishes… Like I love making and eating momos. I love food and I like to cook more Indian food. But we don’t have traditional food.

Q: Do you want to tell our reader?

Yes, always be positive and never give up because when one path closes, God opens another way. We should never give up.


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